NARAU SCHOOL’s 5TH Anniversary

NARAU SCHOOL turns 5 years old and that is why we wanted to celebrate it with different activities at the academy. It is our way of thanking all those who make it possible every day, both the teaching team, collaborators, people from Orio, and above all, our students.

This May we have organized an event with surprises and gifts in the academy’s newly opened theater.

Our students have surprising talents to share, so we thought it was a good idea to do it in the form of a “talent show” like “NARAU’s GOT TALENT!” with open proposals where each participant showed their unique talent. Of course, always practicing our new knowledge of foreign languages.

At the end of the event, the students received various prizes such as vouchers to spend in local businesses, sweets, caps… And of course the warm applause and acknowledgement from their classmates, teachers and family.

The shows presented this year were the following:

Ane & Haizea: dance

Ane & Eugenia: cooking

Bidarte & Goretti: acrobatics

Diago: guitar & singing

Laia: balloon twisting

Lore & Xua: guitar and singing

Markel: magic

Mikel: magic

Naia: drawing

Sara: dance

Uxue: dance

Uxue, Mara, Xua, June: dance

Ninbe & Oihan: cooking

It has been a pleasure to share and learn from all of them. Thank you for your talent.

We also want to thank all of those who have been part of the NARAU SCHOOL universe in these 5 years journey.

We continue to grow every day with the utmost enthusiasm and with the goal of continuing to teach English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish in companies, at school, online… Transmiting knowledge that promotes communication between different cultures, backgrounds and ages, rendering a more united world, setting the grounds of respect for differences. Here in NARAU, curiosity and diversity are promoted as a learning opportunity and not as an element that separates us.

¡Gracias! Eskerrik asko! Thank you! Merci! Danke! ありがとう

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