Would you like to speak English or French fluently, but your pronunciation isn’t the best? Or, worse…you get embarrassed?


We have a solution for you.


Sign up for our Meet & Speak conversation workshops where you can practice in an atmosphere of trust, with other people from the area who are also looking to improve their English or French, and with a teacher who will moderate the conversations to teach you and give you new tools.

6 Reasons to Join Meet & Speak:
  1. Improve your fluency: Consistent conversation practice is essential to improve fluency in a language. These workshops offer you the opportunity to practice and develop your oral communication skills in a relaxed environment.

  2. Develop your pronunciation and intonation: Through our workshops, you will be able to correctly hear and repeat the sounds and speech patterns of the target language, thus achieving clearer and more effective communication.

  3. Expand your vocabulary: By participating in regular conversations in English and/or French you will be able to enrich your vocabulary. During the workshops, different topics and situations are discussed, providing the opportunity to learn new words and idioms that are useful in real-life contexts.

  4. Improve your listening comprehension: A great opportunity to practice your listening comprehension. When interacting with other native or proficient speakers, you’ll need to listen to and understand different accents, rhythms, and styles of speech, strengthening your ability to understand the language in a variety of situations.

  5. Boost your confidence and self-esteem: As you actively participate in our conversation workshops and experience an improvement in your language skills, your self-confidence will increase. This will allow you to communicate more effectively in real-life situations and develop greater confidence in your ability to use the language.

  6. Get to know other cultures: With our conversation workshops and our multicultural team you will meet people of different origins and experiences, which creates an environment conducive to cultural exchange.

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