NARAU KIDS is the space at NARAU SCHOOL dedicated to teaching children with a methodology adapted to their age and specific needs.

We offer presential group classes for children from 3 years of age.

To introduce the most “txikis” to the fascinating world of foreign languages and cultures, we provide 1 or 2 hours of class weekly, depending on the age and/or level.

Learning languages is super fun at NARAU KIDS!


We have 4 different learning areas for children. In NARAU KIDS our daily objective is to create a learning environment where children feel comfortable, inspired, and where they have fun! Learning English at a young age can be fun and simple if it’s done in a natural way: using day-to-day contexts, speaking, playing, etc.

Por tanto,Therefore,getting to know English in NARAU KIDS is fun and based on life skills for the littlest learners.

Our “Learning Spots” are:

Life & Nature

Reading & Phonics

Maths & Science

Drama & Emotions

In NARAU SCHOOL, we believe that children also have a series of abilities that, when developed, facilitate, and speed up their learning: the ability to distinguish sounds that means they love using different rhythms and words, an innate curiosity that allows them to learn through play, and less fear of making mistakes due to the fact that their learning is based on trial and error.

Without a doubt, children will gradually acquire mastery of other languages as a natural part of their development when they are exposed to them in a pleasurable way.

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