Use of English Part 2

Part 2 of the Reading section in the Cambridge English: First (FCE) examination is known as the “Open Cloze” task. This section assesses your ability to understand and use contextual clues to fill in the blanks in a passage with appropriate words. The goal is to evaluate your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, as well as your ability to comprehend the overall meaning of the text.


  • Type of Text: The text in Part 2 is typically a longer passage, such as an article or letter, with several gaps strategically placed throughout.
  • Number of Gaps: There are usually eight gaps, and candidates are required to fill in each gap with a single word.

Skills Assessed:

  1. Vocabulary: You need to choose the correct words to fill in the gaps, demonstrating your knowledge of appropriate vocabulary.
  2. Grammar: The task assesses your understanding of grammatical structures and your ability to use them correctly in context.
  3. Contextual Understanding: You must consider the overall meaning and context of the passage to select the most appropriate words for each gap.

Tips for Success:

  • Read the Passage First: Before attempting to fill in the gaps, read the entire passage to get a sense of its main ideas and overall meaning.
  • Identify Context: Consider the context surrounding each gap to determine the most suitable word.
  • Grammar Rules: Be mindful of grammar rules and patterns. Ensure that the chosen words fit grammatically within the sentence.
  • Multiple Readings: If time allows, consider reading the passage more than once to enhance your understanding and accuracy.
  • Be Efficient: Manage your time wisely, as you need to complete the entire Reading section within a specified time frame.

**Practicing with sample passages and honing your grammar and vocabulary skills can help you prepare effectively for Part 2 of the Reading section in the FCE exam.**